From the back cover

A fable about friendship, "The Old Man and The Monkey" is described by author Tim Roux as "One of the most elegant and lyrical arguments against racism of all time."  

From the back cover

"Grandfather and the Raven" is a delightful collection of life fables. They are distilled wisdom that warms you all the way down."  -- Jean Sullivan

George Polley's Grandfather stories are fables capable of teaching children -- and  not a few adults -- about the value of appreciating all living creatures, of the wisdom of being open-minded enough to seek solutions in unlikely places, of the rewards of working systematically towards your dreams, of the futility of bullying and aggression, and of the reassurance of a loving and harmonious environment in a world which tips all too often toward the arbitrary destruction of war.

As ever, George Polley recounts these near-legends in a voice which lulls and beguiles, and above all nudges us toward the world around us."

Suitable for children, YA and adults. 

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 When Minnesotan Joseph Manning arrives in Mexico City, he experiences a world that is beyond anything he has imagined, a city with an audible heartbeat, a deep-down throbbing that comes from deep beneath the great city twenty-four hours a day. It is also a city of haunted houses, a museum filled with ghosts, an elderly Indian shaman, Aztec ruins, mystery, a brutal cop nicknamed “Snake” that runs a protection racket, laughter and romance. And for Joseph Manning, it is ultimately a love story with a beautiful young woman named Lisa who, like the city itself, will not let him go.

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